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Hex in High Heels

Hex in High Heels - Linda Wisdom "Fun, fun, fun. That's my short review. I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading this book. Ms. Wisdom has created a fascinating world filled with witches, weres, wizards, fae, elves, and so much more. I love the fact that she has added her own spin to each of these myths, making them different from all of the other supernatural series out there these days. [return][return][return]The synopsis describes it as sexy, and I'll admit I was not prepared for its steaminess. However, I'm also not complaining about it either. That side of the story only made it that much more enjoyable for me. ;-)[return][return] [return][return]I love Blair. She has a confidence and zest for life that is both refreshing and inspiring. She makes me want to add a little flair to my own wardrobe, to play with colors, add kitschy decorations to my house and just stop being so compelled to make everything straight-laced and relatively boring. She inspires me to feel comfortable speaking my own mind and standing up for my beliefs. In other words, she gives me permission to show the world who I truly am. It may not be the message Ms. Wisdom intended for the reader to learn but it is what I take away from Hex in High Heels.[return][return][return]The witches' back story is rich and fascinating. I would love to see Ms. Wisdom branch out into stories about each of the witches over the course of their 700 years, but I find no faults with the story as is either. While the character development is not the greatest, it is what I expect from a story like this and does not in any way detract from the enjoyment of the story. In fact, I can't wait to read more about Blair and her witch friends!"