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The Other Life

The Other Life - Ellen Meister Everyone reaches at least one crossroad in his or her life that requires a person to make a life-altering decision. More importantly, everyone, at one point in time or another, will wonder how different his or her life would be had a different decision been made. It may be fun to play along in a game of "what-ifs" occasionally, but does one truly want to be confronted with the actuality of this alternative path?This is the question Quinn must battle as she faces yet another crossroad in her life. She has the misfortune of knowing where the portals to these alternative paths lie and can cross over if she wants to do so. When faced with yet another gut-wrenching decision, her current path becomes too much to bear, and the road not taken becomes more than just a temptation. Yet, the decision to do so is not without its price, as she rips open old wounds while avoiding moving forward on her current path. The reader is swept up in Quinn's story as she battles to decide where her true path lies.If anything, this book is more than just about the ability to confront the "what-if" path directly. It is about the strength and power of a mother's love. Quinn is vulnerable because of her mother's suicide, and the news about her pregnancy is what puts her over the edge. Yet, it is the love for her six-year-old son which keeps her grounded on her current path. As she faces difficult decisions about her past, present and future, her choices all revolve around the love she has for her mother, for her son, and for her unborn daughter. If anything, The Other Life is a testament to the bond between mother and child and how that bond truly never fades.The Other Life is beautifully written, presenting Quinn's agony with care and accuracy. Ms. Meister does a great job of showcasing the difficulties surrounding pregnancy issues and the void left when a family member commits suicide. Quinn is a heroine with whom many women can sympathize, as she struggles to balance her best interests with those of her family. She quickly becomes a character a reader can get behind and root on through all her battles. Best of all, The Other Life is a great reminder to be thankful for what one has and not on what one could have had because in the end, that is what counts the most.