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Fool Moon (Dresden Files Series #2)

Fool Moon (Dresden Files Series #2) - Poor Harry Dresden. The man cannot catch a break. As Harry's latest case gets stranger and stranger, Harry's strength and character are tested to his breaking point and beyond. It makes for a thrilling whodunit of mystical proportions.What makes Harry such a great hero is that he doesn't shy away from his faults but embraces them and knows that they make him unique. His penchant for being attracted to the darker elements of magic as well as his chivalry combine to put him into some very difficult situations that would be easily avoided for regular, more selfish characters. He takes ownership of his mistakes rather than try to explain them away or pass them off on others. He is extremely refreshing in his honesty and compassion for fellow humans.James Marsters embodies Harry Dresden and adds his own elements of humaneness to Harry's character. His concern, confusion and extraordinariness come across with every breath Mr. Marsters takes. He makes the entire series an auditory pleasure.I'll admit I am hooked on this series. It has everything I enjoy in a mystery - elements of the supernatural, great characters, interesting mysteries that are difficult to solve in advance, and a backdrop that takes on a life of its own. Fool Moon continues the promise established by the first novel in the series and builds on it, making a reader extremely anxious to continue to find out what else will befall our hapless hero.