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Summer's Crossing (Iron Fey, #3.5)

Summer's Crossing - Julie Kagawa Summer's Crossing is the perfect appetizer for those anxiously awaiting the final installment in the Iron Fey series. It takes place shortly after the end of The Iron Queen, as Ash is still reeling from Meghan's banishment. This time, Puck gets to tell the story, much to the reader's delight.Puck is at his goofiest as he helps Ash pay off his debt, but Summer's Crossing is not without its pathos. Because he is telling the story, the reader for the first time really understands just how deep his love for Meghan is. There is a very real moment where Puck's final choice is truly unknown.While there is very little that furthers the overall series plot, Summer's Crossing is a welcome distraction and a great way for Ash and Puck lovers to both be happy. In addition, the reader is left with a greater appreciation for and understanding of Puck and Ash's former friendship. It sheds greater light on their more recent conflicts and sets the tone for the final novel. Overall, Summer's Crossing is a fun side story in a great series.