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Envy (Empty Coffin Novel)

Envy - Gregg Olsen Billed as a true crime mystery, Envy definitely has a “ripped from the headlines” feel with a slightly supernatural element. Unfortunately, for such a tragic story with very tangible motives and actions, the twins’ telepathy is seemingly out of place. It is almost as if Olsen was trying to attract readers specifically drawn to the paranormal genre and felt obliged to add this plot device, even though the story does not need it. While enjoyable, I am getting tired of the paranormal plot device and wish YA authors would do something unique by not including it in their stories. Envy would have been a perfect story for this bit of originality. What exists instead is a creative story with an all-too-familiar otherworldly element that feels like a crutch more than a necessary narrative element. Envy is enjoyable but does nothing to separate itself from the hundreds of other YA stories with a paranormal aspect.Acknowledgements: Thank you to the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association for my copy.