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Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen, #2)

Stolen Nights  - Rebecca Maizel Rebecca Maizel is back with the second installment of her Vampire Queen series. In Stolen Nights Lenah must once more adjust to life as a human at the same time as her past continues to haunt her. Still reeling from the loss of her best friend and from the forces behind the ritual performed on Vicken, there is a new evil afoot that will test Lenah’s human abilities past their breaking point. The plot twists and surprises Lenah faces make for a fascinating and heart-pounding sequel.Lenah really grows into her own in Stolen Nights She continues to adapt to her life as a human, but it is her guilt over her past actions in which Lenah matures the most. In the first novel, one never got the sense that she felt remorse at the lives she took as a vampire. They were just an unfortunate part of who she was at the time. In Stolen Nights Lenah is forced to recognize the far-reaching consequences of her actions, and her dawning horror of this propels the story towards its powerful and emotional ending. The love story between Lenah and Rhode is absolutely beautiful and adds strength to an already amazing novel. This is not a case of love at first sight or some unbelievable teenage love drama. Theirs is a love that has lasted centuries, formed through mutual respect and total understanding of each other’s characters. It does not feel forced nor overly romanticized but rather a natural progression of their time together. Their scenes together are as poignant as they are powerful, and their story truly gives new meaning to the idea of loving someone for eternityStolen Nights thwarts the sequel curse as everything about it is better than the first novel. There are plenty of answers as well as a strong plot with ample tension, drama and character development. As with the first novel, the cliffhanger is subtle, and readers who are not interested in continuing the series obtain enough closure to be able to walk away from the novel satisfied. However, fans who fall in love with Rhode and Lenah will be waiting with baited breath for Ms. Maizel to finish the series. If the strength of Stolen Nights is any indication, it is going to be an amazing finish to an increasingly compelling series.