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Serving Victoria: Life in the Royal Household - Kate Hubbard

I tried. I really did. I made it to page 150 before I started to skim and to page 244 (out of 364) before I decided that this was not for me. Ms. Hubbard was too sympathetic towards Albert and had a decidedly anti-Victoria stance that I found rather disturbing. Her phrasing choices were odd, too enthusiastic in all the wrong ways. Also, she ended up inserting her own opinions, pretending to know exactly what Victoria was thinking or feeling at any given point in time. Between the weird descriptive phrases, her almost misogynistic approach towards Victoria, and her omniscient knowledge of Queen Victoria's mindset, it was just too much for me. Oh, and the book spent a LOT of time talk about how boring life as a lady in waiting or maid of honor was. In all, the subject matter was interesting, but there were too many idiosyncrasies that irritated me and put me to sleep.