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Very Valentine

Very Valentine - Adriana Trigiani If ever a book could be considered sensual, as in evoking all five sense, Very Valentine is it. In the spirit of Italians everywhere, Ms. Trigiani draws on our visual senses through her use of bright colors in her descriptions, on our olefactory, auditory and taste senses through her use of cooking and food and New York/Italy settings, and on our sense of touch through her descriptions of fabrics. Reading Very Valentine is a sensory experience that has the effect of the reader being aware of his or her own unique sounds, smells, tastes, touches, and sights. For that alone, it is worth the read.The reader also gets the added pleasure of an introduction to a charming heroine. Valentine is a mold-breaker, one who follows her own path, after first breaking that path. She struggles with balancing tradition with her own more non-traditional ideas, eventually understanding that some traditions are meant to evolve and change, while the reader cheers her on each step of the way. As Valentine grows in self-awareness, the reader cannot help but be satisfied and celebrate that growth.At the heart of it all, Ms. Trigiani created a love story. Through Valentine, she shows the reader to love yourself, that you must know who you are before you can be worthy of love, that while love does not require sacrifice, it does require effort. These are extremely important lessons to learn, but Ms. Trigiani makes the lessons more palatable through her loving but crazy Italian family.The best part is that one does not need to be Italian to truly appreciate Ms. Trigiani's efforts. Her characters are alive, vibrant, flawed, and best of all, human. One can recognize your father, mother, siblings, and other extended family members in each of the characters - those things that drive one crazy but make each family unique and lovable. Very Valentine is a delight in the truest sense of the word. It is a light, fun book that makes you want to cook, to express your love to your family, and celebrate your family traditions. What can be much better than that?