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Deeply, Desperately (Lucy Valentine Series #2)

Deeply, Desperately  - Heather Webber Earlier this year, I had the distinct pleasure of receiving a review copy of Truly, Madly, the first of the Lucy Valentine series. I fell in love with Ms. Lucy Valentine then and was eager to read more of her story. Ms. Webber does not disappoint with this latest entry into the series. Deeply, Desperately is a strong sequel that left me wanting to know even more about Lucy, Sean, and all of her friends and family.The novel picks up several months after the ending events in Truly, Madly, and Ms. Webber does a fantastic job of referencing key events from the first novel that allows first-time readers the chance to understand the key points and be able to continue with the current story. For return readers, Lucy has grown in her comfort level with her powers and her ability to use them to help others. She has learned from her mistakes and capitalizes on those learnings, which is always refreshing in a heroine.The attraction of the novel is all due to Lucy. She is filled with self-doubt, yet she is so cheerful and fun that she draws the reader in and compels the reader to stand up and cheer when she finally takes a stand on something important. Her relationship with Sean is smoldering and yet there is a tenderness about it that is utterly endearing. One cannot help but fall in love with Lucy Valentine.Lucy remains charming, funny and uniquely lovable. The entire novel is goofy and fun. The witty banter had me laughing throughout the novel. If you have not had the opportunity to get to know Lucy, I highly recommend you do so. Deeply, Desperately is a perfect light-hearted read and a great novel with which to end the summer vacation.