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The Poison Eaters: And Other Stories

The Poison Eaters and Other Stories - Holly Black The Poison Eaters is an eclectic mix of short stories that highlight Holly Black's mastery of all things dark and disturbing. Each story draws on something a bit different so that no one story blends into the other. She touches on vampires, fairies, princesses, and so much more and does it all with a sense of mastery. Yet, the mythical elements are only that - elements. Each novel addresses are more mundane aspects of society and challenges them in humanity. From drugs to sacrifice to protecting loved ones, humans and mythical creatures alike face the same obstacles, making her short stories more than paranormal vignettes.The stories themselves are fairly short, making this a nice, easy and enjoyable read. Ms. Black shines as she shares her fascinating characters and lessons on morality. Her simplistic writing style lends itself well to her spooky subject matter. Fans of Ms. Black will enjoy these extra stories, while those not yet familiar with her work would benefit from this collection of short stories as an introduction to her writing.