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Ten Miles Past Normal

Ten Miles Past Normal - Frances O'Roark Dowell Ten Miles Past Normal is an adorable coming-of-age story that explores finding one's path through high school. Engaging and funny, it is a very quick read and thoroughly enjoyable. Janie is an engaging heroine, and her voice is quite authentic. In fact, she reminded me of reading Connor's writing, which never fails to make me laugh. Anyone who has ever had anything embarrassing happen to him or her at high school can definitely relate to Janie's desire for normalcy. Yet, is being normal really desirable?Ms. O'Rourk Dowell's writing is simply fun. Her characters are larger than life but thoroughly realistic. They blaze their own trails and live large. If one needs a lesson on how to experience life without succumbing to peer pressure, Ten Miles Past Normal is a manual to do just that. It does this without being preachy and does it in a very charming way.Adult fans of young adult fiction will enjoy Janie's predicaments and life observations. The target market will find a kindred spirit in Janie and Monster. Ten Miles Past Normal is a refreshing break from the paranormal romance. Reminiscent of Anne Shirley, with her own quirks and foibles, I hope you get the chance to get to know and enjoy this plucky heroine.