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Try Me (Demon Underground #2)

Try Me (Demon Underground #2) - Parker Blue Try Me follows in the vein of the first Demon Underground novel, Bite Me. Sarcasm and self-doubt combine to continue Val's self-discovery of the demon world and exploration of her powers. Whereas the first novel mostly concerned itself with Val's struggle to find her place in the world, in Try Me Val has accepted her place among the police and now is forced to accept Lola as a power and not a nuisance. Her fight to control Lola and accept the help provided by the Demon Underground affords the reader another dimension of Val's personality, fleshing her out to be more than just a teen trying to become an adult.Fang remains the highlight of the novel. His snark provides many laugh-out-loud moments, as his is the voice of common sense when the situation gets a bit too angst-y. The two characters balance each other perfectly and provide the right level of sentimentality and reason in this urban fantasy.To take this novel too seriously would be doing Ms. Blue a disservice. While there are undertones of gravitas and life-or-death struggles, Try Me is first and foremost an engaging, fun novel that is meant to cause the reader to chuckle frequently. Val is quirky but likable in her vulnerability and will quickly endear herself to the reader. Fans of urban fantasy looking for a very quick but thoroughly enjoyable novel needs look no further than Val Shapiro and Try Me.