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He's Gone

He's Gone - Deb Caletti In Deb Caletti's latest novel, He's Gone, she explores the mysterious repercussions of a sudden disappearance and the psychological ramifications on his partner. Further complicating issues is Ian and Dani's unusual journey to marriage. The result is a complex study of marriage and the lies we tell ourselves in the forms of truths.Like all of Ms. Caletti's characters, Dani Keller is an absolute delight. She is self-deprecating and insightful, observant, and afraid. Her fears reveal themselves slowly, and however fragile she appears on the surface, she has a strength within her of which not even she is aware. A reader is at once beguiled by her confusion, hurt, and growing anger at the circumstances in which she finds herself.In addition to her strong characterization, Ms. Caletti has a way with words that is almost poetic. Her descriptions are gorgeous, allowing a reader to feel the gentle rocking of Dani's houseboat, the sounds on the lake, the chill of the Seattle rain, and the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Her stage-setting is every bit as enjoyable as her characters.The brilliance of He's Gone lies in its multi-layered approach, the fact that it is simultaneously a psychological thriller and a psychological study of human nature. Dani's slow realization of the truth is hypnotic, and her exploration of an abused wife is equally fascinating. The mystery behind Ian's disappearance is second-place to Dani's self-discovery but still compelling in its own right. After her knock-out Stay and now He's Gone, Deb Caletti is proving to be a tour de force in psychological literary fiction.